Retail analytics, Price tracking, Holistic planning, Media analytics, Ad reports, DSP reports, Content monitoring, Sentiment analysis
to catapult your Amazon sales

Catapult Amazon is an Amazon vendor analytics platform for multinational brands. Make data-driven decisions to prioritize your actions for the biggest impact.

Our Amazon Solutions

Amazon Retail Analytics

Decide what’s really worth your attention based on daily updated vendor retail data, always delivered at the right level of abstraction.

Retail Analytics Report

Dig deep into Amazon’s retail data to answer questions about sales, promotions, returns, chargebacks, out-of-stock-rates, weeks of coverage or Amazon’s Net PPM – down to the ASIN level.

Holistic Planning Report

Never lose sight of the big picture while planning your next moves. Better understand the contribution of media activities on your business with combined retail and media data.

Price Tracking Report

Spot the sellers who keep undercutting your prices and gain insights into why you’re losing your buy boxes. Be informed when blacklisted sellers sell your products.

Amazon Media Analytics

We give you global performance transparency so you can maximize the impact of your media investments. Increase visibility and incremental sales generated by your campaigns.

Sponsored Ads Report

Drive visibility and incremental sales with your sponsored ads campaigns. Detect trends faster and make better data driven decisions to reach your goals.

DSP Report

Make more informed decisions about budget allocation, optimize your media funnel and gain transparency into your display activities.

Amazon Marketing Cloud

Take shopper data analysis to the next level. Understand your customers’ touch points and turn marketing costs into investments.

Amazon Digital Shelf

Efficiently monitor product listings and the market to always know where you stand, keep your assets current and capitalize on customer feedback quickly.

Share of Voice

Get insights into your competitors’ media strategies, identify key players in your market, and make informed decisions to outperform them on Amazon.

Review Sentiment

Learn how customers perceive your product and identify trends to improve your offerings and and catch quality issues before they become a problem.

Content Monitoring

Detect unauthorized content changes and ensure accurate product listings to build trust and credibility with your customers.

Amazon Seller Operations

Monitor your main KPIs and make optimal decisions about what’s driving incremental sales for your business with real-time data.

Real Time Reporting

Gain a deep understanding of the levers that are driving your sales growth on Amazon via our real-time reporting dashboard. All the metrics you need to drive your business, in one easy to use dashboard.

Logistics Support

Never go out of stock on your best sellers with our advanced logistics tools and support. Product went viral on TikTok? No problem – we’ll detect the sales velocity and make sure you remain in stock.

Truly Incremental Ad Tech

Our Incrementality Engine ensures your ad dollars are being deployed where they make the most difference. Our dynamic bidding solution continually optimizes campaigns to meet your incremental ROAS goals.

Reseller Control

Rogue Resellers plaguing your brand? Our best-in-class reseller tools immediately identify them and shut them down before they become a problem.


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